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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 20, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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it's time for some amazing viral videos, as a white water rafting trip goes wrong. >> now we're just seeing white knuckles and the whites of their eyes. >> see the scramble to save seven people from 42 agree water. you're looking at our vote for -- >> idiot of the week. >> how he survived five stories. international has some men -- >> strutting on. >> why they're learning what a lot of women know. >> they're heavy. >> plus, the video becoming an instant internet classic. >> -- baby? >> and a soldier's letters lead his girlfriend -- >> on a little scavenger hunt. >> see the clues to a homecoming and so much more. >> she passed pretty quickly.
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>> white water rafting, at least we were for about three seconds. now everybody's been dumped into the water. in fact, seven different people piled in to each other, water rushing over their heads. some people trying to do what you are advised to do which is put your legs out and put those downriver in case any rocks come up. it's in alaska, and the source of it is the glacier. >> just think about how cold that water is, in fact, 42 degrees this morning. >> a bit chilly. >> dude i would not survive that. >> now we're just seeing white knuckles and the whites of their eyes. >> further and further down the river. >> apparently the guide of his particular raft said in his entire career on this river only one person has ever fallen out of his boat. well on this ride, seven in one go. ended up being quite the ride for everybody involved. towards the end you can see eventually he gets back towards the raft and is literally back inside. >> white water rafting usually
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an adrenaline rush. kayaking on a lake, usually quite the calming experience. however, if i were to have spotted this i wouldn't have been so calm in my kayak. >> oh, cool. >> that is a black -- >> it's not going to carjack you in the water -- >> what if it comes up -- >> exactly. >> anybody want to guess which state this is? >> new jersey. >> new york. >> it's upstate new york. >> i had no idea. in fact reports of black bears in upstate new york have come three times in recent years so apparently this is something you might see if you're in upstate new york and christian that impression you did with the paddling yes, they would have been me. >> still not going to happen. i'm going to file this first video under idiot of the week. >> oh, no. >> oh! >> jackie chan practicing for a movie? >> dude. i think you need to file it under the luckiest dude of the
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internet. >> jump from the fifth floor of an apartment building. rumors are he was overheard in the neighborhood bar telling his friend about an awesome stunt he was going to pull off. luckily he landed on that awning on top of the bar. >> i don't think that's lucky. i'm sure he planned it that way. >> i'm going to say this, he pulled it off. >> this next video, well, just watch. >> see that guy up there? he's hanging on to the back of that bus -- >> doing it wrong! >> oh, oh -- >> oh, my god! you mean to tell me that van couldn't have stopped? >> what the heck -- >> just getting right back on his feet, though. determination again. what's with these people. >> people in ukraine are calling this man the terminator. >> what was he doing hanging onto the back of that bus in the first place? >> people suspect that he didn't want to pay for the bear. >> i feel like i need to question the authenticity of this video. >> local news outlets picked this story up and they say it's real. he did later checkableself into
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the hospital where doctors couldn't find any severe injuries. >> here we are in lake buchanan in texas and this guy and his friends were out on a boat, and they saw a momma deer and her two fawns but as you can see, one of the fawns now in the arms of this man. that's because mom could swim across the lake, it's common for a deer to swim across the lake to get to the other side but the babies were having a tough time. so this i think is the buddy shot. >> look at that facebook profile picture. >> yeah, i know. >> so sweet. >> this is his dating profile. >> tinder for sure. >> i'm always worried about human intervention in wildlife. who knows. maybe it looks like the fawns couldn't swim but in fact they could. now i'm just worried that the fawn has been separated from mom. now what? >> well, actually, not separated from mom. because they said they couldn't put the mom in the boat, they didn't even want to touch mom.
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they just touched the two babies. they took the boat, with the fawns, and mom followed along, and they went to the same side mom followed the whole thing and once they got to the shore the babies and mom scampered off into the woods. >> leave her here to drawn or put her in the boat. >> it takes so much skill to be able to do what herman did. >> i bolted a new line in the place that i could pull my home back down. >> this is a line that he's attempted but because it's so difficult he decided to split it into two different line but even then it was still too much. he spent five years trying to improve his skills, getting better. but time was also of the essence, because he was moving back to germany for a year. >> in december 2014 i got close, and in may 2015 i got closer and then the season was over. >> by the end of the season they couldn't finish their climb so they had to come back. >> four days from the date our
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ship would leave perfect, i got very, very, very, close. two days later i walked up the laos time to the cliff. everything was -- and then it happened. >> it's truly remarkable. >> come on! >> fingertips under a microscope see if it looks like a fly or a lizard. >> because the way they just are able -- >> this is cool. this is a nice example of lead climbing. they have to pull the rope up, hold it in their teeth. >> while they're holding on to a tiny little -- in the rock. >> this is such a video analyzing their technique means other people will be able to try and visit these same routes and try and do the same thing. >> this video is actually beautifully shot. >> if you want to see the entire thing head on over to, click on tv show or see it on our mobile app. >> the parents have gathered the kids. >> you've got a big old surprise. >> we got something to tell you. >> okay.
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closed captioning provided by -- edicine plus 7 healing moisturizers. it's good to be itch free. cortizone 10®. feel the heal. it's said by many people that in order to understand somebody else fully you should first walk a mile in their shoes. now the guys, and i mean this specifically the guys, at prima donna lingerie have a similar problem. >> [ unintelligible ] >> they make bras for ladies with larger breasts.
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and they always say look you might be able to make them but how can you know what it's like to have large breasts? these guys have come up with their unique solution. for one day a year it's international in cup day for men. >> good because you think it's all fun and games and they're beautiful and they're all these things. their heavy! >> yeah, that's exactly what they say in the video. the average "e" cup size breast will weigh between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 pounds. what they did is the older guys coming in for work during this day every single one of them you see are now strapping on these weights so they can understand the back pain, the neck pain, the red marks on their shoulders. from the bra straps. oh, they're the worst. >> you see how the guys are struggling to deal with their new additions? >> yeah. >> they're not just playing with them. >> i saw that guy try to photocopy -- >> obviously getting uncomfortable. lying them down on the table.
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>> they spend the entire day walking around so they can have a better understanding of their clients. >> i love the fact that in this case there's a practical purpose. >> it's got a lot of attention. over a million views on facebook. a kwies nice advert for the company as well. their final conclusion? [ unintelligible ] >> what do we know about ford mustangs? >> they're awesome. >> and they have a lot of power. they go superfast. >> and they're a little happy. >> we've seen just like this loop it out. >> the good news for this shelby gt is it's at a race tlak. >> little event set up for people who have cool cars. he's racing against a much slower car. this particular shelby has about 750 horse power it's been modified here we go. >> still sliding. still sliding. >> oh!
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oh! >> safely off the side of the runway. no damage, no injuries to anybody. but that big black mustang very powerful. you could see it starts to get loose in the background there. the guy lets off the gas. that only compounds the slide and he gets back into it. luckily there were no walls. that car sliding out of control in that case. but this next video from viral videos uk includes a car slide but look how it can be applied in a very professional and precise manner. >> oh! >> oh, skrm. >> i think that was me you guys. >> look at that, though. when it ends up there is maybe a centimeter front and back? it's incredible. look. >> i think that's pretty impressive that we just saw a special effect that doesn't cost some extra money. >> incredible.
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sound the alarm, because i've got a cutie pie alert. this kid jackson, he's an instant classic. >> okay guys we got something to tell you. >> okay. >> his parents have gathered him and his sister, you've got a big old surprise. >> mommy has a baby in her belly. >> what? a baby? >> uh-huh. >> i love a baby! >> this baby is equally excited. >> this next cute kid was told to clean her room. and, she's not having it. [ unintelligible ] >> she's got the finger out. huh-uh i don't need to clean this room. i like it that way. what? >> hey. ♪ >> fine -- >> i love that she can't even talk but she already knows how to argue. >> yeah.
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>> that is the worst. >> speak softly now. [ inaudible ] >> -- so do i. >> i also feel like that room is still very dirty. >> yes. >> the kids are teaching grandma to play pokemon go. >> this is happening everywhere. >> everywhere. >> next "right this minute." >> and still to come, man and elephant are best friends. >> he says there's something about him that this elephant kind of imprinted with. >> he's caring for me. and he's brought me in to the herd. >> the amazing story behind the wild connection. plus see why things get awesome when bmx meets basketball. >> boys, i feel it. >> oh! does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does.
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non-prescription itch medicine for fast, gentle, lasting relief. cortizone-10. soda breaks down tooth enamel. thankfully she uses act® restoring™ mouthwash with fluoride. it restores minerals to enamel for 40% stronger teeth. act®. smile strong. if you ever find yourself in northern thailand why don't you go to the elephant nature park they do allow you to go volunteer and that's what derek thompson did and he formed a very special relationship with an elephant. you see that young one right there? >> oh. >> that elephant loves to follow derek around. there's something that the elephant does that is peculiar, but very, very cute. >> likes to grab my hand. other elephants are people that are around she likes to grab me and pull me away from others. >> right. because honestly, you ever had just a baby elephant, like a tiny baby elephant pull you around? almost pulled out of my socket. >> this appears to be a juvenile
2:19 pm
and i have to say it is pretty amazing he said he has not trained the elephant to do that he says there's something about him that this elephant kind of imprinted with, and also kind of -- him underneath its belly. >> puts me under her and touches me and keeps me close, smells me. talks to me. >> he's like a dog. you know, like a little kid carrying around a doll. i'm going to play mummy. right now he's playing mummy. >> i think it's also preparing for motherhood we notice that when we see videos of baby elephants they're under mommy's belly. >> he's caring for me. and he's brought me in to the herd. as some of the others -- >> he says that the herd accepts him even when he's all the way downfield. they can kind of sniff him out. >> say i was adopted by an elephant.
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♪ >> what's better than trick shots? trick shots on wheels! bmx trick shots put on by scotty cranmer. now that big guy, he's super coordinated. he's the guy with the ball handling skills and they're going to need it to pull off some of these tricks. >> off my head, i'm going to get it back off my head. >> big boys up first trying to tap it in with his helmeted head. first couple of balls missed. but, doesn't take long before they sink one. >> whoa! >> yay. >> we're off to a good start.
2:21 pm
>> it's my turn. i'm going to try to jump the box and do an alley-oop into the basket. >> oh! >> this is everything. >> going to play much more than just an assist at the end of this video. keep watching. >> they're going to put dillon way over there. see him at the top of the stairs. >> okay. >> oh! >> oh! >> okay. all right. he's got a good arm. >> bam bam bam bam. >> yay! >> a scavenger hunt leads her on a path to romance. >> and as soon as she looks up she realizes, dude, my man is right there. >> why this surprise is both special, and unexpected. got
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green or start doing it their way and we'll all be a lot less stressed on the roads. >> time to check in with extreme
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profile tv and you're going to love this one. 22 >> hey. >> oh, look there's a dollar. >> it's got something in it. >> whoo! >> perfect. >> there's a little bit of extra. just watch. >> oh! >> not only is there a cockroach they go down to pick it up and oh, comes sliding through. >> behold the beauty of this beauty picking up a bus. >> oh! >> oh! >> oh! >> ha, ha, ha. >> double time the snake then the cockroach. >> such an old school -- >> right. >> prank that never gets old. always work. >> this family cracks me up because they start scurrying like roaches when they see it. the son goes that. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh. >> oh. >> this is my favorite one. >> oh.
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clogging or prank, i don't know. it's one or the other. >> this is a home coming video unlike any. well that's not true. [ unintelligible ] >> that's pretty in that car and she has been sent on a little scavenger hunt. you notice that there are some red roses -- >> is she the first person there -- nice! awesome. this is great. >> and as soon as she looks up she realize dude my man is right there so she takes off running forgets about the other roses and gives him a big old hug. >> what's the story? what's going on? >> he's been deployed, and just came back home. he told her that he wasn't going to be home for another couple weeks, he showed up early, set this whole thing up but guys, he didn't just come home early. tucker here is
2:27 pm
♪ in the mood for love >> he gets down on one knee brings up a ring and proposes to his woman. who says yes. >> she attached herself to his face pretty quickly. >> i don't think she said yes she was like yes! >> the team from a romantic comedy or something like that. the way the movie ends. >> oh, you have no idea how this movie started. because if we go back to the very beginning of the video, we see him setting up a rose and a note on that stool right on the other side of the door. she picks it up, because she realizes it's a note from him. and he's spending her off on this scavenger hunt. [ unintelligible ] >> and that is -- >> -- had our first date. >> and when she gets there, that note, that clue says if you want to spend the rest of your life with me, go to the botanical
2:28 pm
gardens which is where she ends up. >> he had a lot of time to plan this while overseas. >> you can go to bed every night thinking about how much you miss your misses and the things you're going to do when you get back. >> yeah. he's so cute. >> congratulations to you both. >> always fresh. never frozen. see you on the next "right this minute."
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a woman becomes one of today's hottest viral videos during a safari. >> on her honeymoon with her husband. >> the moment a silverback leaves her flat on hearse. >> full speed ahead for a derby team they were trying to cut that corner. what happens when the corner cuts them. >> oh! >> security cameras catch a man running -- >> from car to car to car -- >> what he got away with 35 times. >> plus, dude finds a bunny and creates internet goals. >> it's so cute! >> and fishing buddies with a little problem. but -- >> they didn't want to go to the e.r. >> see who got on the wrong side of the hook. >> okay. >> and a bullet. >> what is this 1860? >> what? i know. >> chew on this leather strap.


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